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e vapor ate

2015-10-09 20:59:38 by trancedatlantic

Can you feel it?


Because I got banned for no reason, I am no longer posting music on NG. You can catch my new tracks to soundcloud and bandcamp.


The audio moderators ruined the AP and sucked out whatever fun and culture was in it.

Untalented AP moderators

2015-10-09 10:05:33 by trancedatlantic

I'm banned from the AP now. For no good reason.


I can't wait til you shifty moderators leave newgrounds and realize how much time you've wasted moderating the AP.


The AP will never be better until you leave.

Gunner-D was a nickname I was given at age 13.  I was hired by my uncle to landscape, haul and wheel mulch, loam, stone, and all that good earthy stuff.  He told me, at the end of the summer " You're gonna have big guns!".  From that day forth, I was called Gunner on the job.  D was from "dangerous" reffering to my preference for pulling poison ivy roots barehanded.  Something which would give my fellow coworkers a bad reaction but was tolerable for me.

I was also a member of a band "Mason Road" when I was 19, working summers for the same company, and was introduced as a keyboard player by the name Gunner.  Everyone knew it wasn't my real name but everyone had nicknames so it was all good.  My real name is Erik.

if you see me around on this newgrounds peace, trancedatlantic

Music playlist feature

2015-04-28 08:59:39 by trancedatlantic

Thanks to all the artists who put great free work up here.  With the playlist feature, which I just recently discovered, I will be able to organize and expand my favorites.

Gotta get that paper

2012-08-02 14:39:10 by trancedatlantic

building my habitat

Gotta get that paper

I'm old, quarter century. On a high note, I have bypassed my scratch turntable fuse and hardwired it AND NOW IT WORKS!
+1 for firehazard, +7000 for music

Im gonna post up new shiz soon but for now...


2011-06-05 01:52:25 by trancedatlantic

I'm working on some original drum breaks, NG themed culinary art, and growing plants.

Hope to get back to the beat circuit soon.


2011-04-21 18:12:37 by trancedatlantic


Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition - MC KO Round 2 - Tournament Bracket

Check out the battle tracks below, and leave a review with who you think won! For more information about the NGHH Competition check out Big Red's news page here:

QSikThe112 vs glitchs2d Beat by B-RadGfromOV
PiGPEN vs NimbusTheGeneral Beat by teddygram
Cynic vs HeIsAlive Beat by war-spawn
Gasmasq vs THEICONICICON Beat by Kamikazi1
MadFLeX vs GreenSkullKid Beat by wyze-stingray
Self: the Bluest Eye vs SteveGuzzi Beat by Gunner-D